A Sudden Need to Travel

Circumstances have pleasantly conspired to take me to Europe for the next two weeks, something that came together only on Friday last.

Everything has come together so well, so quickly, that I’m prompted to think that I should never plan travel with more than a few days notice (as my friend Igor wrote when I pinged him news of my imminent visit to Berlin, “I like short feedback loops like this”).

So tomorrow morning just before noon I’ll hop on a jet for Toronto where I’ll have a chance to catch up with my parents and my brother Mike before jetting off to Copenhagen (the first time I’ve ever flown direct from Canada to Denmark in the decade I’ve been making the trip; how odd it will be to not be making a bleary-eyed transfer through London or Frankfurt in a catatonic state).

I’ll spend the rest of the week, and the weekend, in Malmö, Sweden, helping to mark the 10th wedding anniversary of our friends Olle and Luisa.

Monday next I’ll fly from Copenhagen down to Berlin. Mostly because I’ve not been to Berlin in three years, and I’ve lots of people to catch up with. Also, it’s Berlin in the spring, and that’s pretty nice all on its own.

After four nights in Berlin I’ll spend the last weekend of my trip in London, where the St. Bride Foundation Wayzgoose is taking place on May 15th, an event (and a facility) I’ve wanted to visit since I started printing letterpress (“home-made cakes and pastries,” to boot).

Because openness and repatriation is the theme of the year, you’ll find my itinerary not on Dopplr, but right here.