Subscribing to the Royal Gazette

Back in June I spoke about open data to the Queen’s Printers Association of Canada, and the occasion reintroduced me the notion that perhaps chief among the roles of Canada’s Queen’s Printers is the publication of the Royal Gazette in their province or territory. While many of the Queen’s Printers don’t even print anything any longer – in house – they all remain publishers of this collection of administrativia in their jurisdictions.

While the Prince Edward Island Royal Gazette has been online for many years, it’s still possible to subscribe to it in print, and I felt duty-bound, upon learning this, to take out a subscription.

It’s the best deal in town: $65 for a year of weekly issues. And for someone like me, constitutionally unable to consume information from the screen, it’s the perfect vehicle for learning about the minutiae of the province — incorporations, dissolutions, changes of name, tax sales, and more.

My first issue arrived in the mail today, dated August 15, 2015. It’s not available online (yet), something that offends my open data sensibilities by delights my print ones.

Royal Gazette