The Story of that IKEA Photograph of Amsterdam

This documentary short tells the sad and yet somehow delightful story of the famous IKEA photograph of Amsterdam that appears on walls all around the world.

Filmmaker Tom Roes tracked down the brother of the late Fernando Bengoechea, who took the photograph, and learned the story of how the photo was taken, and how it came to be acquired by IKEA.

The intersection of private detective work, journalism,  film-making and YouTube can be a very interesting place indeed.

There’s a little more of the story in this blog post by Roes (and if you’re English-speaking, be sure to turn on subtitles when you watch the documentary).

Still from the documentary, showing the famous photo on a wall.

It turns out that when Oliver and I were in Amsterdam in early September we came within a block of the location where the photo was taken; here’s my Google Location History for September 3, 2018, with a red star showing the location near the intersection of Brouwersgracht and Herengracht:

Map showing the location of the IKEA photo, and of our route through Amsterdam.