Brandon writes:

I didn’t realize that we all must make a conscious choice to invest in things or not to. In my mind, once you liked something, you liked it for life. There was no such thing as growing out of something or something serving a purpose. Each hobby or interest was part of your DNA, and you must find time for it.

That’s a freeing revelation. I stopped horseback riding mid-summer, choosing to prioritize summer relaxation; ever since, I’ve had a nagging feeling that I failed at riding a result. But I rode when riding was what I needed, and I’ve simply moved on to other pursuits.


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Andrew Macpherson on January 5, 2023 - 15:28 Permalink

I also find quitting things to be challenging. I have numerous daily rituals like my 1762 day Duolingo streak, 10k steps, etc. So when the Wordle craze happened last year I resisted because, as much fun as it sounded, I didn’t want to add something to that daily roster.

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Olle Jonsson on January 6, 2023 - 04:05 Permalink

Very freeing.

"Ah, this feels like cutting class, rather than letting myself down" is something near to this, but not the same.