St. Peters Road Irving Car Wash

Four times in the past six months I have visited the Irving Car Wash on St. Peters Road in Charlottetown. Each time I’ve gone to the cash to buy my ticket and been told some variation of “it’s broken” (today I was told “it’s closed” and when I asked “forever?” I was told it was just until tomorrow because “somebody has to come and look at some of the parts”). I’m beginning to wonder if they actually still run a car wash — perhaps it’s just a “get them in the door, let them down, and they’ll buy a chocolate bar to console themselves” bait and switch?

The only reason I keep beating my head against this wall is because I had a very good car wash there last fall. But enough is enough; I’m never going back.

The alternative? The car washes on North River Road (behind Apple Auto Glass) and in Southport (turn left before Robin’s Donuts) are both good, and they’ve never been broken when I’ve visited. They both have good “self serve” bays as well; the North River Road car wash has a very slight edge in terms of user interface design, but that’s not reason enough for me to prefer one over the other.


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Dan James on June 8, 2003 - 06:06 Permalink

I’ve had great experiences with the one on North River Road (right across from SO HQ). I put in my money late one Friday night only to find that the door had come off of its hinges and would not open despite an angry motor’s efforts. I returned Monday morning and explained the situation to the person working there and they promptly repaid me my cash and gave me a ticket for a free wash.

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heather mullen on June 9, 2003 - 12:38 Permalink

I was once stuck in the carwash on St.Peter’s Rd when it broke. The swishy red things were blocking the doors and we couldn’t drive forward because the bar wouldn’t lift. Eventually the Irving people discovered us in there and shut it down so we could get out. The car was a mess of soap and we were very late for our lunch appt. Needless to say i haven’t been back there since. I really enjoy WashAway in Southport and Out by my place in the middle of nowheres St.Andrew’s there is a carwash we visit regularly.