Spreading Printcraft

Back in July, in Enschede, Oliver and I gave a walk-through of Printcraft, the intriguing “make 3D models in Minecraft, then print them on a 3D printer” experiment, to a group at the Make Stuff that Matters unconference.

In the room that summer afternoon were Frank and Floris, father and son.

I am happy to report, via Ton, that Frank and Floris took the ball and ran, holding Meet2Minecraft this weekend in Utrecht and taking our little talk to the next level, with 40 kids gathering to craft in Minecraft and print in the real world.

I love it when ideas spread!

Minecraft / Printcraft


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Valerie on October 27, 2014 - 13:45 Permalink

This looks great. Curious to know how many of the 40 were boys/girls.