Spotify → Apple Music

I’ve generally averse to bundled services, as they almost always feel like a trap.

But I’ve started to be annoyed with the prominence of podcasts in Spotify: I’m happy happy and longtime Pocket Casts user, and I don’t want Spotify to be a podcast player (I also don’t want to support the de-freeing of podcasts that seems an inevitable part of Spotify’s recent moves).

So when my Apple TV+ subscription came up for renewal I bundled: Apple TV+, Apple Music and 2TB storage, plus a bunch of other stuff, for $33/month.

Marking this here simply to remind myself when I jumped, if and when I jump back.


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Andrew Macpherson on July 3, 2021 - 09:28 Permalink

I’m a longtime iTunes/Apple Music user since 2004. I switched over to Spotify for a year or so in 2015-16. While the service was fine the playlist management and play count tracking left a lot to be desired. I was very happy to go back to Apple Music when it launched the streaming service. That also coincided with me inheriting my grandfather’s record player and so now I have a small record collection of my own. Seems like the best way to actually support the artists along with going to their shows.