Sphere, Cyl, Axis, Add

Here’s my latest eyeglasses prescription, based on an eye exam this morning at Charlottetown Vision Care:

Glasses Prescription

Here’s my prescription from 2014, one I never had filled (progressive lens are expensive!):

2014 Eyeglasses

And the prescription from 2012, which I’m still wearing:

2012 Glasses Prescription

And the prescription from 2008, the one that stood me in good stead when I found myself stepping on my glasses in Ontario

After skipping a cycle, I’m off to get the new prescription filled this week, as the “which looks clearer, this… or this…” tests I did with Dr. Judson today showed a marked improvement over what I’m wearing now. I’m also going to get a pair of “computer” glasses, optimized for desk work, to avoid the neck strain I’ve been having since I started wearing bifocals.


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Oliver Rukavina on March 7, 2016 - 18:05 Permalink

Wow what a coincidence about the glasses in ontario (2014: Old Glasses Broke/Fixed Afterwards)