South by Southeast

After almost a week here with my parents, I’m off at the crack of noon tomorrow on American Eagle 4605 from Toronto to Boston. After a brief detour south for dinner with parts of the usual bunch, I’ll drive north up to the E.F. Lane Hotel (the hotel with possibly the worst hotel website ever) in Keene to stay the week while working out of Yankee’s office up the road in Dublin.

I’ll have a brief diversion on Wednesday night: a quick trip down to Becket, MA to see Coleman Lemieux’s show at Jacob’s Pillow.

Friday afternoon I’m flying back up to Montreal to rendezvous with Catherine and Oliver where we’ll hook up with Steve for a weekend of maximum fun.

We’re flying back to Charlottetown on July 1, just as the embers from the looting and pillaging following the Nickelback concert have died down and just in time for what they now appear to be billing as the “Largest Fireworks Display in Canada,” which suggests that we’re either spending more, or someone else is spending less, as it used to be “in Eastern Canada.”

By the time this late-June family work/visit/vacation is over, we’ll have criss-crossed Ontario by train, taken three different airlines, rented two different cars, visited two sets of family, and will no doubt be thoroughly exhausted.


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Peter Rukavina on June 24, 2007 - 22:19 Permalink

AA4605 from Toronto to Boston was quick and pleasant. There was, alas, no coffee of any description beyond the customs pre-clearance/security stop, so I’m spending a mildly catatonic coffee-free day, mitigated somewhat by a Coca-Cola offered by the lads here south of Boston.