Souris and Fish

I know almost nothing about the fishery. But my gut tells me that whenever normal, law-abiding people put themselves on the line for a cause, their cause is just. So here’s a message of support, however ill-informed, to my neighbours in Souris.


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Rob Paterson on November 7, 2003 - 11:53 Permalink

I am with you on this one Peter. What a huge overreaction — the 100 Mounties in all their gear. I don’t understand how we can allow a process — seining — that has wiped out entire eco systems to be used? The issue is not quota but method. There doesn’t need to be a new study as we know the imact of seining on other areas.

So why the delay in dealing with this from PEI’s perspective? Why does DFO take such an intransigent view? Who ordered this huge response and why?

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Kevin on November 8, 2003 - 01:57 Permalink

From the temporary vantage of my wheelchair I could as easily see yard-work in progress or the “goings on” on the Trans Canada out here as the RCMP entourage/ procession went by. It was truly amazing. “Activity bursts” of lights and sirens involving a dozen or more cars were repeated every ten or fifteen minutes — felt like three or four times (how many cars??).

Also, there were about twice as many cars and vans (really ordinary stuff)

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Ken on November 8, 2003 - 02:01 Permalink

Once again industry bumps up against an environmental limit, but unlike farmers the fishermen fight back. I guess it’s in the open water being taken directly by outsiders rather than farms being bought directly by McCains or Cavendish which farmers would protest. The big boats will go around PEI next time, or there will be a new fleet of seiners based on PEI? That way no one will complain when they Hoover up all those fish.

Is there a RCMP riot squad ready like that at all times, or is that the special Canadian ATF squad?
Bureau of ATF(Anarchists, Treaties and Fisheries)?
You know, like the Alcohol Tobacco Firearms in US, but dealing with more Canadian themes.

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ken on November 8, 2003 - 02:09 Permalink

Which is worse PR for PEI — RCMP vs Fishermen /or/ Naturalists vs Tourism Operators? Can’t we just be naked and respect our environment at the same time?