Somewhere South of Vinci

We are apparently in Savigliano tonight. Truth be told we are not entirely sure where Savigliano is.

We reached here by driving south from Genoa along the coast and making our way to Pontedera, home of the Piaggio Museum. After an afternoon of lusting after their amazing collection of Vespas (my favourite was the 1965 90 Super Sprint in red) we fumbled awkwardly towards Florence.

We fumbled as our commitement to Florence is weak; we enjoyed Genoa, and lucked into a hotel that worked, but are reluctant to do battle with another Big Confusing City so soon (the counterpoint, of course, is the “massive collection of amazing art” argument).

And so we have fumbled to Savigliano. Which, it turns out, is 47 minutes west of Florence. And just a little bit south of Vinci, “Leonardo’s home town.”

Appropriately enough we are staying in the Hotel Da Vinci, a completely modern hotel with frosted glass sinks, hardwood floors, and excellent restaurant, and a perverse attachment to sans-serif pop typefaces from the 1960s.

Whether we will take 47 minutes to see the cradle of Western Art, or head off into the Tuscan countryside tomorrow morning depends on our mood after breakfast. Stay tuned.