Something in the Air

Something in the Air is a “2001 documentary about the dangers of pesticides used by potato farmers in PEI” from the National Film Board:

Thanks to Suzanne Long for the pointer (to the NFB’s new snazziness).


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Simon Lloyd on December 17, 2008 - 20:58 Permalink

Good tip, Peter (and Suzanne). Whether or not one agrees fully with all the film-makers’ points, or her presentation of same, viewing this is 25 minutes well-spent; for those who can’t watch video on-line, or prefer not to, VHS copies are available for borrowing at the Confederation Centre Public Library (Call # VID 333.7 SOM) and for in-Library viewing at the UPEI Library (Call # S589.757.P8S66 2001 VIDEO).

Those interested in the film might also care to read Stuart Laidlaw’s 2003 book, “Secret ingredients : the brave new world of industrial farming”, especially Chapter 3, “The rivers run red,” devoted exclusively to PEI. One copy in the Public Library System (currently at the Tyne Valley Branch, but interbranch loans are generally no-problem: Call # 338.1 LAI 2003). UPEI Library also has a copy in it’s PEI Collection (sorry, in-library use only again: Call # HD1785.L33 2003).