Software Upgrade

My Kia Soul EV needed a software upgrade, a recall that automatically applies the parking brake when the car is shifted into “park.”

My last parking brake-related automobile repair was that time in the early 1990s when Catherine handcrafted a lovely silver “Y” bracket for our aging Nissan Sentra wagon at her jewellers bench.

My how things have changed.

This left me with an hour to kill uptown.

Killing hours is harder during COVID: after being laughed away from the burger truck across the street when I asked what they had for vegetarians (nothing), I convinced myself that it was okay to hang out in Tim Hortons, at least until a choir arrived. So I hunkered down for a grilled cheese sandwich. And was never less than 20 feet from anyone else.

The Soul was ready in 45 minutes and, as promised, there’s no longer a need for me to manually apply the parking brake (it’s going to take a while for my muscle memory to forget that action).

Discover Kia is about to open a brand new showroom and service department on the old Reliable Motors property on Allen Street, moving them into my neighbourhood, give or take, and an easy walk after a service drop-off.