Soaring to Prince Edward Island

Here’s an interesting tale of soaring in a glider from Stanley, Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island in a glider.


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Plux on May 25, 2005 - 01:13 Permalink

Wow! Thanks for sharing. One of the highlights of my life was an all too brief ride in a two man (piloted) sailplane. This is a feat and a joy to read.

Earlier today, I heard some mention of the difference between a ‘declared’ attempt (e.g. I’m going to run x marathon) and this version where the intent is there but not stated directly (pending conditions). The author pointed out that the former instance required greater courage. While that may be so, this pilot and others of his ilk have their moments in their very solitary and usupported endeavors where they are have to take that decided step into the unknown and take some very real risks.

Declared attempt or not…..hats off to this pilot for daring to hope and when the odds were with him, daring to try.

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George Mason on May 26, 2005 - 15:30 Permalink

The Bluenose Soaring Club in Stanley, N.S. (20 min. east of Windsor, 40 min. west of Truro) was formed in 1976 at an old RCAF training base but has experienced several tragedies since 2000 and was under Transport Canada investigation for a while. This doesn’t include numerous non-fatal accidents since the club’s founding.

* July 2004, crash, pilot killed, glider had been repaired from a previous non-fatal crash

* May 2002, crash, pilot killed

* May 2000, crash, pilot killed