Slovenia: The Place to be in 2005?

The Saturday New York Times travel section has an article titled Where to Go in 2005: Budget that highlights Slovenia:

For those who refuse to give up on the idea of a European vacation, there are affordable alternatives to high-priced capitals such as Paris and London. Situated on the Ljubljanica River, Ljubljana, the small, sophisticated capital of Slovenia does not want to be known as just a bargain-hunter’s dream destination. (A new crop of sparkling four-star hotels attests to that sentiment.) Nevertheless, there are bargains to be found.


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Lisa on January 10, 2005 - 15:02 Permalink

Sounds good. Maybe we’ll rent a car and drive there this summer. I think Slovenia really deserves the press. Both Slovenia and Croatia are well known resort areas here in Hungary too. Slovenia is also the only country to come out of the break up of Yugoslavia with a booming economy.