I have had a digital camera for just over a year now. We bought it primarily so that we could take pictures of wee Oliver and we have done that in spades.

When you don’t have to think about film and processing costs, it’s amazing how different photography becomes. I was inspired to “go digital” by my friend Steve, a professional photographer turned web designer. Steve had all but stopped taking photographs until he got a digital camera, and when he did, he started taking photos again, and he hasn’t stopped. You can see the results on his Outtakes and New England Seen websites.

Since my own conversion to digital, I’d been happy to view my photos on the computer, and to print out the occassional one on our colour printer. By chance last week I installed an application on our server called Gallery to let me share photos with my family on the web. One of the nice little features of Gallery is that it makes it easy to order prints of your digital photos from a company called Shutterfly.

So I did.

My first batch of prints arrived today, and I am amazed: the quality is fantastic. I had no idea that my little camera was capable of producing such photographs. And so digital photography has, for me, entered another realm. Or rather re-entered the realm of print.

I gather that Prism Digital Imaging here in Charlottetown offers much the same service. My next step will be to give them a try. And if that works out, I’ll have to get the silverorange wizards who built their website to construct a Gallery plug-in for it.


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Steven Garrity on November 23, 2001 - 20:52 Permalink

I’m not sure how Shutterfly integrates Gallery, but here’s a quick and dirty way to get your photos from Gallery (or any of web location) to your account.

<li>Copy the location of your web image to the clipboard (ie.…
<li>Log into your account and go to the Add Photos page
<li>Click on the “Non-Java Uploader”
<li>Hit the Browse… button and paste your image web address into the Choose File dialog box
<li>Hit OK and Upload Files

May not be one-click shopping, but it works.

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Charlie on November 26, 2001 - 05:41 Permalink

In my Windows XP My Pictures folder I have an “Order Prints Online” link to a wizard that lets me choose what pictures I want printed and who I want them printed by. It would be nice to see a local group like Prism as a choice in that box!