Shrunken URLs for Air Canada Flight Status

Air Canada doesn’t make it easy to link directly to flight status information on their website, hiding the information in a pop-up window behind a complex URL that looks like this:

To avoid either having to visit the Air Canada website or entering a long URL like this, I hacked together a little PHP redirecting magic to enable the following:


The default date, if you don’t specify, is the current one; otherwise use YYYYMMDD. For example, to get the status of today’s flight 7489 from Charlottetown to Halifax:

Or to get the status of flight 861 on March 27th:

Omit both the date and the flight number, and you’ll get a form where you can fill both in. You’re welcome to use this for your own personal convenience (with the proviso that it make break or disappear at some future date).


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Nathan on March 23, 2007 - 03:05 Permalink has a similar form interface and can show you the actual location of the plane.

SUMERA SAJJAD on December 17, 2007 - 04:24 Permalink