Shore Market in Stanhope

It’s on my list of Things to See and Do on PEI, but it bears additional highlighting: the newly-opened Shore Market in Stanhope, next to Richard’s Seafood, is that kind of place you wish were just up the street from your cottage at the beach (assuming you have a cottage at the beach, which we don’t, but regardless).

They sell Receiver Coffee (both beans and to-go; the iced coffee is fantastic), milk, fruit and vegetables, breadworks bread, meat, beach supplies, band-aids, and the kinds of sundries1 that you need when you’re out of the city. And capers: big jars of good-looking capers, for $8.35.

They also sell beer and wine, through an anachronistic “you can buy beer and wine if you show a food receipt from Richard’s next door” scheme that’s not their fault (someday PEI will fully recover from temperance, won’t it?).

It’s all wrapped up in a tiny, perfect, whitewashed wharf-shack.

So you can get head out to the shore, have your lobster burger and fries at Richard’s, then grab and iced coffee next door before you head out for more adventures.

1. It’s taken me years to take the word “sundries” seriously: up the street from my grandmother’s house in Brantford, Ontario was a corner store that had it right on the sign – “Food, Milk, Cigarettes, Sundries,” or something to that effect. I read it as “Sundaes” and nothing my grandmother could do to explain that wasn’t it could convince me otherwise.  It’s a very useful word, of course; but that shroud of doubt took a long time to burn off.


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Sandy on July 5, 2015 - 21:13 Permalink

I've been there and I didn't know about the Receiver coffee. Just goes to show. There will definitely be a track worn to my door...

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Oliver B on July 5, 2015 - 21:22 Permalink

"Sundries" always makes me think of so-called "sun-dried" tomatoes. It seems like it would be the word for dehydrated fruit in general--for "raisins, dates, figs and various other sundries."