Shifting sands: Capturing climactic and cultural change through art”

My friend and collaborator Brenda Whiteway is delivering the November Island Studies Lecture at the University of PEI on November 19, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the Faculty Lounge in Main Building:

The passage of time, transitions in nature, and shifting patterns of life have been recurrent themes in Brenda Whiteway’s creative work. The White Sands PEI Shoreline Project is a further exploration of these themes through paintings, drawings, photographs, and mixed-media of a small coastal area in White Sands, PEI, which has personal significance but resonates on a universal scale. The site originally belonged to her maternal grandparents who had a subsistence farm and fished off the Northumberland Strait close to Pictou Island. Brenda has been observing, recording, and researching the area’s weather patterns, light, tidal shifts, flora and fauna, history, and cultural ecology. For her, this is a metaphoric petri dish through which cultural and climactic shifts may be viewed on an intimate scale and expressed creatively. Capturing the elusive qualities of the seasons through various art mediums while plants bloom and fade, tides shift, earth freezes and thaws, and the sky reveals its many moods is an attempt to capture the genius loci of an area the artist holds dear.

There are fewer more thoughtful, creative people than Brenda, and you should plan to attend.

White Sands PEI Shoreline Project by Brenda Whiteway