The Sherry-Netherland in The New Yorker

My current favourite of the so-called “small space” ads in The New Yorker is the one for The Sherry-Netherland:

The Sherry-Netherland ad from The New Yorker

I’d wondered in what context the quote from the magazine appeared, and the release of the digital archive of The New Yorker provided an opportunity to check. It was a Talk of the Town piece on page 18 that begins:

The débutantes littered the place up pretty thoroughly at the opening party, so the Sherry-Netherland looked quite livable the next day when we saw it. Somehow it has escaped glitter, despite all the precious metals which have gone into its making.

This is what the page looks like:

New Yorker, November 12, 1927, page 18

The hotel is also where Christopher Reeve was offered the role of Superman, was the site of the Francis Ford Coppola’s Life Without Zoe contribution to New York Stories, and was a victim of a daring 1972 robbery and hostage taking. The hotel also has a Muppet character named after it. So there’s ample material for additional New Yorker ads.

You can take a look at the hotel in Google Streetview.

The rate for the “small space” ads in The New Yorker, by the way, is $3,525 an inch if you purchase just one but as low as $2,679 and inch if you contract for 96.


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Andrew MacPherson on November 7, 2008 - 16:32 Permalink

It’s a block away from F.A.O. Shwartz a massive kids toys store selling among other things stuffed giraffes over six feet tall ($395 a pop).