I went to Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday to buy shampoo. I had only one consideration in my choice of brand: a bottle that clearly indentified its contents.

I am amazed at how shampoo makers obscure the actual word Shampoo on shampoo bottles, especially when shampoo bottles look almost identical to conditioner bottles.

Given that most people use shampoo in a bleary-eyed early morning state while not wearing glasses possibly required for reading and other basic eyesight, it would seem that a logical design consideration for shampoo bottles would be the word Shampoo in very big letters on the side of the bottle. However what we usually end up with is something like shampoo, located under a Big Brand Name.

To assist in the alleviation of this problem, I offer the simple graphic here to any shampoo maker who would like to download it and plaster it on the side of their bottles. If you do this, I will buy your shampoo forever.