Sex and UFOs in Zadar

The Croatian city of Zadar is located on the shore of the Adriatic about half way up the country from the southern tip.

When you read tourism guidebooks about Croatia — and there are not many of these around these days — and you want to find the area my paternal ancestors hail from, you usually end up reading the section that starts with Zadar, as Perusic is inland from Zadar. While the coastal part of this region of Croatia is beautiful and scenic, the area inland is mentioned by one guidebook as “the Croatian Siberia.”

Zadar made the news this morning: a story on Ananova titled “Radio listeners stunned by ‘sex demand’ threat” reads, in part:

The 35-year-old woman, named only as Vesna G, from the Croatian port town of Zadar, walked into presenter Josip Portada’s studio at local Radio Pag. She pulled out a gun and told him he would have to have sex with her or die.

The story has a happy ending (depending on your perspective, I suppose):

Portada managed to talk the woman out of her demands and eventually called the police. She is being questioned but police have not released further details on the case.

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