A Series of Meals, Snacks and Coffee, Connected by Walking and Talking

While nominally here in Berlin for PirateBox Camp, which starts tomorrow, arriving two days early allowed me to spend today with Olle and Luisa, here in the same last-minute serendipitous spirit from their home in Malmö.

With no specific plans in mind, we set out after breakfast to see what we could see, and ended up contructing what amounted to an almost-perfect agenda of meals and snacks and coffee connected by walking and talking.

While we have workshopped this play before, in different cities and under different circumstances, this was the big time: coffee at Companion Coffee, lunch at 3 Schwestern, more coffee at KANT (lovingly crafted by Alper), ice cream at Eismanufaktur, cake and drinks at Hudson’s, a well-deserved break, followed by drinks at Suzie Fu and a late, late supper on the canal at Chan.

We did, I admit, take a detour into the Museum der Dinge mid-afternoon, and into Modulor in the early morning. And there was the unfortunate Yelp-mismanaged journey to a no-longer-operating Indian restaurant. But otherwise it was a day of walking and talking and eating.

It don’t get much better than that.