I had my first meal at SeoulFood, the new Korean restaurant on University Avenue in Charlottetown. As it happened I ran into ZapVeteran Iain MacLeod there, eating with his family; as he’s my spirit guide for where to eat in Halifax, this was only appropriate.

I had the special – bulgogi, potato noodles, rice, soup, kimchi – and it was very, very tasty. Service was pleasant; decor won’t knock your socks off, but it’s clean and bright.

It’s (pleasantly) absurd that we now have two Korean restaurants in Charlottetown; please make use of them!


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robcee on April 17, 2010 - 01:32 Permalink

Can Moncton have one of them?

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Wendy Chappell on April 17, 2010 - 21:47 Permalink

I saw you there. I was doing a take out order.

I wanted pajeon, which they were out of, and had japchae instead. They were happy to accommodate my request for no rice and gave me kimchi and miso soup. The owner/cook made sure to greet me through the kitchen window and even in take away packaging the presentation was pleasant. Leftover japchae went well with egg for breakfast this morning.

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boostventilator on April 19, 2010 - 03:52 Permalink

How did I bump into you without even trying to crowd-source my lunch? I was going to flip a coin between SeoulFood and Zen, but I ended up checking out the place with a similar name as a restaurant that just opened below my office around. Turns out that is simply a coincidence and the two operations are not related.

I ended up getting the special as well as a shrimp dish…can’t recall the name, but my daughter ended up devouring all the shrimp on us. They must have heard her going on about it because they ended up bringing out a little bowl filled with shrimp just for her as a bonus.

As for Halifax, here is a rough break-down of the Korean spots that have popped up:

<li>Bach’s Cafe on Agricola (known for it’s prominent audiophile stereo system)</li>
<li>Korea Garden Express at Scotia Square (yes, I’m the mayor)</li>
<li>Minato Sushi on Queen St (Japanese and Korean)</li>
<li>Rich Forest Cafe on corner of Isleville and Bloomfield (bizarre decor, Korean BBQ and a grocery store on top of it)</li>
<li>Seoul Restaurant on Duke</li>
<li>Songs on Quinpool (my brother’s current favourite)</li>

One of my favourite dishes is called “Seoul Chicken” and is available from Korea Garden Express. I’m starting to believe it is really just a North-Amerianized version of something far more exotic. I am going to have to inquire since I haven’t come across anything quite like it on the other menus.