Second Shot

The provincial vaccination clinic was as much a beautiful interlocking ballet of efficiency as the first time (April 22, a seeming eternity ago).

I learned a lot from my nurse about the places squirrels can nest (riding lawnmowers!), was told to take a Tylenol thirty minutes before bed, and sent on to the arrivals lounge to wait out my 15 minute danger window.


Denise's picture
Denise on July 4, 2021 - 11:44 Permalink

My mom and I were there yesterday too We walked in at 235pm and by 3pm we were ready to leave! Excellent experience

Peter Rukavina's picture
Peter Rukavina on July 4, 2021 - 11:46 Permalink

I had exactly the same appointment time, and also left at 3:00. 

Ton Zijlstra's picture
Ton Zijlstra on July 4, 2021 - 14:25 Permalink

I'm up in 2 weeks.