Searching in Camino (and Mozilla?) by just typing

Perhaps this is in the “things everyone else has known about for years” class, but I just discovered, by accident, that when viewing a web page in Camino if I just start typing, the page will automatically just to the first occurence of what I type. For example, if “FOAF” is halfway down a page, by the time I’ve typed FOA, “FOAF” is highlighted and the page has scrolled down to that section of the text.

This may also work in other browsers, I’m not sure.


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Lou Quillio on July 28, 2003 - 22:24 Permalink

In recent releases of Mozilla/Firebird (Win), one keys an apostrophe followed by text to “Type Ahead Find” links only, slash followed by text for full-text searching. Control-G thereafter for Find Next.

Oddly, if you skip the apostrophe or slash it’s assumed you only want to search the links on the page. This can be defeated (and full-text made the default) by going to about:config and searching for this key:


Change its value to “false” so that full-text is assumed, and use the apostrophe when you’re only searching a page’s links. Frankly, I don’t see the point of links-only searching being the default, since link-text is included within free-text. Probably an evolutionary artifact or a special-needs consideration.