In my early days and weeks on PEI, in the spring of 1993, I sold my Ford F100 pickup and replaced it with an aging Nissan Sentra wagon. I asked around for a good place to have the Sentra inspected, and I was directed across the Hillsborough Bridge to a place that was cheaper and more flexible than what I’d find in Charlottetown.

Which is how I found myself coming across the bridge in a taxi a few hours after dropping off the car to pick it back up. My taxi driver pointed out that just off the bridge to the right was a collection of playful seals.

Every single time I’ve crossed the Hillsborough Bridge in the 28 years since I’ve looked for seals in the river, and since that one time, in the taxi, I’ve never, ever seen them again.

Until Saturday: Olivia and I were out cycling, and on our way back we were stopped by a couple sitting on a park bench in front of Friendly Pharmacy who pointed out a collection of playful seals, in exactly the same spot I’d seen them oh those many years ago.

This time I had a camera in my pocket to document the scene.