Schools of Psychology

From The Guardian, How you attach to people may explain a lot about your inner life:

Things get even more puzzling if you consider the sheer number of therapies on offer and the conflicting methods that they often employ. Some want you to feel more (eg, psychodynamic and emotion-focused approaches); others to feel less and think more (eg cognitive behavioural therapies, or CBT). The former see difficult emotions as something that needs to come out, be worked through and re-assimilated; the latter as something to be challenged and controlled through conscious modification of negative thoughts.

One of the things I never got to the bottom of when I was involved with Home & School was whether or not the the psychologists in Prince Edward Island schools are hired based on an attachment to a particular school of thought regarding psychology: that there are some psychologists who encourage feelings, and others who don’t, seems like a pretty significant divide to leave to chance.