Scan Barcodes with an iSight

Apropos of this earlier post about the Delicious Library, there’s another application, called EvoBarcode that lets you use your iSight as a barcode scanner. It will “type” barcodes into any Mac application.

This seem like one of those “this will enable a lot of interesting other applications” kind of tools.

Sidenote: in my experience there’s a strong corelation between retailers that use Macs as their point-of-sale systems and retailers that have interesting products and good service. Two examples: Swipe and Olivier.

Olivier, by the way, has a new retail store in the Champlain Place mall in Moncton. They make excellent, if somewhat expensive, soap. But if you’re going to blow your money on self-indulgences, I’d rather small-scale indulgence makers using high-quality ingredients get my money.