Saturday Night is Over

It’s being reported that CanWest is ceasing publication of Saturday Night magazine. I’ve been a reader, off and on, for 25 years, through many owners, editors, formats and approaches. The most recent National Post-insert incarnation had its problems, but on balance it was an interesting read from week to week, and certainly a reason to pick up the paper on Saturday.

According to Masthead magazine, Saturday Night ranked 27th in the country on the the list of magazines by revenue.

Sad to see it go.


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Steven Garrity on September 17, 2001 - 17:30 Permalink

It was a beautifully designed magazine as well. Unfortunate.

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Kevin O on September 17, 2001 - 19:20 Permalink

How about making them an offer. They turn the name over for free and it would become an on-line zine which would pick and choose from the best of Canadian web logs and simply highlight various articles and writers. Of course the geniuses around here would be very well qualified to arbitrate what’s in and what’s out.

(And trust me, I’d be more offended if included than if left out for the simple reason to paraphrase Groucho Markx, ‘Gentlmen, I regret to inform that I must resign my membership on the grounds that I refuse to hold membership in a club with such low standards as to accept me.)

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steve rukavina on September 18, 2001 - 16:01 Permalink

I mourn Saturday Night greatly. To express your dissatisfaction with the magazine’s demise you can email Gordon Fisher, publisher of the national post, at, or call his office at 1-866-260-7678 and his secretary will pass on your comments.

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Christopher Ogg on September 21, 2001 - 13:50 Permalink

I am moved, unually, to disagree with Steve. One of its biggest problems is that it is over-designed and form interferes with — rather than follows — function. It isn’t a trendy art mag: it is a general interest inclusion in a mass circulation somewhat right of centre national newspaper (in its current incarnation at least). The art director should have been fired months ago for violating the first and most fundamental principle of design. IMHO, of course :-)