Saturday Morning Roundup

It seems that most of the excitement in my week happens on Saturday mornings. With Oliver. This week:

  • We bought iced tea from Haida Arsenault-Antolick, working at Karin LaRonde’s stand at the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market. Haida is the Green Party candidate in Cardigan and I can’t imagine a better opponent for Laurence MacAulay.
  • We decided to split a smoked salmon bagel instead of ordering two. To pull this off I had to unilaterally declare today “Sharing Day.” As such, if you feel an urge to share, today’s the day to do it.
  • It being Sharing Day and all, Oliver made me take four of his Baby Einstein DVDs into the office and put them on the silverorange DVD sharing shelf for Isaac’s new baby Saul.
  • We revisited the Home Depot, but decided that we couldn’t fit an 8 foot by 3 foot piece of hard insulation in the car.
  • We made out usual stop at the Ellen’s Creek Plaza Formosa Tea House. If you sometimes pine for the Formosa of olde, when it was small and on University Ave., I highly recommend visiting the new location, for, although it’s in an otherwise dreadful strip mall, it faithfully recaptures some of the spirit of the original.
  • We stopped at Mark’s Work Wearhouse to buy a new belt for me. Found a good belt, but the line at the cash register was 8 people deep, and there seemed little hope in getting out in less than 20 minutes, so I dumped the belt and resolved to shop for one in the quieter climes of downtown Charlottetown.
  • With the Christmas play only a week away, Oliver is managing a pretty decent rendition of “We Three Kings.” Although it comes out a little bit like “We three kinds of Orient Car.”

More from the frontier next week.


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Olle Jonsson on December 4, 2005 - 15:53 Permalink

Oliver’s need to share: successful parenting. The kid oozes Open Source values. At such an early age.