Saturday at the Beach

I am not a natural beach-goer, especially here on Prince Edward Island where that means saltwater beaches, which I’ve never quite taken to.

But having not as much as dipped my toes in the ocean this summer but once, this past Saturday, faced with a bright, warm, sunny day, and positing that the sun had spent the summer warming up the ocean for us, Oliver and Ethan and I headed off to Brackley Beach midday to at least have one day at the beach in 2016.

Oliver at Brackley Beach

Despite his genetic background as a Pudelhund, Ethan has no love of water: he won’t even willingly get his toes wet, and seems deathly afraid of the idea of waves. So Oliver and I had to split into ocean-going squads, taking turns minding Ethan, and frolicking about in the water.

While the sun may indeed have been warming the ocean all summer, either it didn’t do a very good job, or the effects had waned, as the ocean was cold.

Not too cold for a quick run-jump-dive-run out, but certainly too cold for a frolic. So Oliver got his toes wet, I spent a quick minute running in, going under, and running out, and Ethan entertained himself digging holes in the sand.

Me, after jumping into the ocean.

Ethan and Oliver on the Beach

As cold as it was, the pleasure of accomplishment made my quick dive worth it. We packed ourselves up and headed to the PEI Preserve Company for lunch, enjoyed a walk through the Gardens of Hope afterward, and were home for supper with the feeling of a bonus summer day well spent, two days before Thanksgiving.


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vbj on October 11, 2016 - 21:58 Permalink

Envious! Thanks for the vicarious fall dip. Our standard poodle didn't start swimming until she was 4, and then we couldn't get her out of the water. Ethan may rethink things next summer.