Sadness in our times

Anne’s reaction to Matthew’s death in Anne of Green Gables:

Anne hoped that the tears would come in solitude. It seemed to her a terrible thing that she could not shed a tear for Matthew, whom she had loved so much and who had been so kind to her, Matthew who had walked with her last evening at sunset and was now lying in the dim room below with that awful peace on his brow.
From a story about the demise of WebVan and the auction of its assets:
Joanne Taylor said the auction was a sad event for her family. She spent $3,750 for a freezer designed as a Webvan truck as a birthday gift for her 2-year-old son, who became enamored with helping the company’s drivers unload the family’s groceries. “He still asks when is Webvan coming?” said Taylor, who shopped with the company twice weekly. “He doesn’t understand they’re not coming back.