Saddle, Back In, Me

A pleasant, uneventful trip from Boston yesterday. Got a chance to visit the North Bennett Street School, which was amazing. Also got Catherine’s whole-bean espresso coffee at Polcari’s which, for my money, is the best place to buy coffee in the entire world. And I don’t even drink coffee.

Air Canada is back in the “minimum possible snacks” frame of mind: current offerings are Ruffles potato chips, Clodhoppers graham cracker chocolate glorbs, and some bizarre almond/pretzel/sesame mixture. Kind of makes me nostalgic for the “some grapes and a sandwich” days.

Suggestion for Boston: if you’re flying Air Canada from Terminal C, don’t wait until you’ve gone through security to eat, as there’s only a Burger King and Pizza Hut on the other side. If you have time to spare, go to Legal Sea Foods, if you don’t, then go to Au Bon Pain, which has a nice colleciton of freshesque wraps, a decent fruit salad, and a good selection of baked goods and drinks.

Warning for Boston: from check-in to waiting room, now that Air Canada’s in Terminal C, can take up to 45 minutes. So if you’re used to the quick 5 minute breeze through Terminal E, make sure you leave yourself lots of additional time. I left North Boston at 4:00 p.m. to head to Logan for a 6:35 p.m. flight, returning a rental car in the process, and, with time for a snack, didn’t have a lot of waiting around time.

Another warning: the formerly wonderful outpost of the Boston Children’s Museum in Terminal C has been drastically scaled back, and while it’s still there, and still a place to take kids, it’s no where near as wonderful as it once was.

And one final Logan tidbit: rental car shuttles no longer stop at the ‘T’ station. So if you’re returning a rental car, and then going back into the city, you need to take the shuttle one of the airport terminals, then get the Massport shuttle to the ‘T’.

It’s a beautiful fall day in Charlottetown; nice to come home to.