The Rukapedia Rides Again

As part of my HTTPS and move-to-Montreal migrations of this blog and its cousins, The Rukapedia got lost in the shuffle. It was still there, and still serving, but for many (most?) people viewing it, HSTS restrictions in the browser would have thrown up a warning and not allowed you to view it (because it was still being served off a server that wasn’t HTTPS yet).

I set out to solve that issue today, and it turned out to be remarkably easy.

The Rukapedia, since I created it in 2005, was running MediaWiki 1.5, a now-very-old version of the same software that undergirds Wikipedia. I reasoned that it was a good time to update MediaWiki too, and, thanks to detailed instructions and a solid update script, that only took a few minutes.

It was a little fiddlier to get the extension that powers the Timeline page updated too, but eventually I sorted that too.

I can’t claim that The Rukapedia is a current source for all-thing-me, but, if nothing else, it’s an interesting pool of random bits of projects, people and ideas I’ve found along the way over the last decade.