ruk gets categories

To try and bring slightly more order to the random content stream that is this weblog, I’ve started to categorize posts into an arbitrary set of homebrew topics.

I’ve never been able to extract a definitive answer from my library friends as to whether freestyling my own controlled vocabularly is a Great Innovation or a Great Evil. But no other vocabulary would fit, so I opted to make one up.

This will all manifest itself in a couple of ways, some immediate, some coming soon.

First you will notice that each post in the RSS feed has a , so your newsreader might display something like this:

You’ll also notice that there are now topic-specific RSS feeds available. I stole this innovation from my colleagues at silverorange; it lets you just pay attention to particular topics via RSS rather than the full-bore flow.

I’ll add a topic-specific set of archive pages soon, too. I’ve added category archive pages so that you can browse past posts by topic too (note that not all past posts have been categorized yet, so you won’t find everything except in the complete chronological archive).