Rotting Musk-Ox Hides

This story from CBC North concerns the problem of a pile of 15 musk-ox hides in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut that are rotting away. The story says the “pelts are purchased annual by a Prince Edward Island company that uses them to make high-end winter clothes.” What is this company?


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Alan on August 11, 2003 - 18:40 Permalink

It was on the news about 2 or 3 years ago that a PEI company was starting this up. Phone up CBC or check the BDPEI listings.

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Dave on August 11, 2003 - 18:45 Permalink

Qiviut is long hair usually brushed or combed from a muskox skin. The long hairs are then spun and used to make really expensive and very, very soft wool. Look for a weaver if you want to know who would want the hides.

I would think that the a lot of the longer hair would be gone once the skins have been dried, although the remaining hair might have value as well.

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Google leads me to “Mini Mills/International Spinners in Melville, PEI”

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Alan, you are the web hunter!

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Wow, I am glad I have no skeltons in MY closet!

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I have a small sample of qiviut wool if you ever want to see it…very, very small sample — it’s very, very expensive.
The company also designs mills for small production weaving of exotic types of wool…fascinating place.

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All praise Lord Goog…and, Wayne, you do…

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No. All praise Lord “has a lot of time on his hands and spends his day browsing the web at his employer’s expense.”

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I am not the N.S. politician, nor Ontario steelworker, nor KKKlansman recruiter, not the actor, the labour leader or the Highlands B&B owner. There…I clean up pretty good, eh?

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Oh, I missed that little ray of sunshine that you are Phil.