Rogers Caramel Nut Dark Chocolate

In one of my earlier incarnations I worked developing new products for The Anne of Green Gables Store here in Prince Edward Island. In amongst all the jam and doilies and porcelain dolls, my favourite “new” product was Rogers’ Chocolates.

One of my most pleasant duties while in that roles was to visit Rogers’ store and plant in Victoria, British Columbia. To be effective at my duties, of course, required considerable comparison testing (read “orgy of chocolate consumption”). Thrown together with a stop for tea up the street at Murchie’s and I had a rollicking family-run business cavalcade of food and drink under my belt.

For me, the pinnacle of the Rogers’ line is their “Carmel Nut Dark Chocolate” bar — 2 oz and 250 calories of chocolate nutty goodness. Not something to have every day, but certainly something to indulge in on occasion. While the Anne store stopped selling the Rogers’ line a while back, Bruce MacNaugton’s to-be-named restaurant cum crafts shop on Queen St. in downtown Charlottetown is now selling them. I’ve just polished one off. I won’t need dinner.