Rob Trowbridge

I’m sad to report that Rob Trowbridge, Chairman of Yankee Publishing, the father of my friend and colleague Jamie Trowbridge, CEO of Yankee, has died at 71.

Our condolences go out to Jamie and his family.

Two years ago I was down at Yankee for the annual company meeting. During a break in the proceedings, I happened to find myself out on the lawn, alone with Rob and Jud Hale. Rob and Jud, along with Robb Sagendorph, are responsible for Yankee’s existence as much as anyone (learn more about this here). They were an interesting pair to spend time with — a scant 10 minutes as it turned out. I learned how they’d lived as veritable neighbours in Boston, but had never met until many years later. I learned something about how they’d run the magazine together, and of the families behind them.

Jud is still alive and well (you’ll be seeing him, no doubt, on television early next week talking about the 2004 Old Farmer’s Almanac, which is Yankee’s sister publication). Rob will be missed.