On the Road, Part I: Gyu Negima-Yaki

Tatsukichi (189 State St., Boston) is the first bona fide (i.e. no fork/spoon fall-back) Japanese restaurant I’ve been too. That the maitre d’ was a large Irish man was a confusing first impression (although he did his best to entertain wee Oliver, which was of invaluable help to us). We started with a miso soup, which is complimentary with all meals. Next a couple of appetizers: Gyu Negima-Yaki, which is thinly-sliced sirloin wrapped around scallions and broiled in a Teriyaki sauce), and some strange yam-based appetizer which involved plum sauce, wasabi mustard, and a kind of white yams that were neither sweet nor anything like potatoes. For our main course, we both had Kushiage, which is lightly-battered vegetables, seafood and/or meat; this included a nice pickle mixture, a bowl of sticky rice, and two dipping sauces. For dessert, Catherine ordered a tub of green-tea ice cream to go, and ate it while Oliver (Irish maitre d’-less) wailed all the way back to the hotel. A good feeling meal.

Hotel-wise we’re staying at the sumptous Seaport Hotel across the street from the World Trade and Convention Centre. We’re staying here primarily because it is central, and the price ($179US/night) is the best in Boston (where hotel rates are insane, esp. in the summertime). It’s a very nice hotel — we agreed it was the nicest we’ve ever stayed in save the Millennium Broadway in New York — with interesting features like in-room Ethernet, well stocked business centre, and a no-tipping policy (yet very helpful congierge). After a day in Boston’s hot sun, we’re about to go and swim in the pool (Oliver’s first go at this sort of thing).

Tomorrow morning, I’m off to Quincy to do an install, and Catherine and Oliver are off to the Children’s Museum. Then it’s up to Dublin for 3 days.