The Road Home

Caught a bus in a dark alley in Mestre — the land-side of Venice — and 4 hours later we were in Ljubljana with 4 inched of snow on the ground.

Overnight at the crazily modern City Hotel and then picked up a rental car from Sixt and drove over the snowy mountains to balmy Croatia. First destination was Slavonski Brod, in the east, where a chance email last week from a Rukavina with a son named Oliver was enough to pull us in. We had a wonderful afternoon (The Other Oliver had purchased two of all of his favourite sweets, one for each Oliver) and learned much about modern Croatia.

Today we are in search of my grandfather’s sister Manda; she has moved into a nursing home since my father and I were here in 2004 and we know from our Peruvian cousin roughly where this is. Later in the day we’re off to my grandfather’s hone town to find another aunt and perhaps to find the home where he was born. There are at least 2 Canadian expats there, so we may have some help.

Monday it’s up to Zagreb and Tuesday to Munich.