Revenue Canada Payroll Remittances

Being away for a month meant coming close to missing the “15th of the month” deadline for submitting the payroll remittances for Reinvented to Revenue Canada. I couldn’t mail them in, because Revenue Canada says “the date of receipt is the date the payment is delivered to the Receiver General and not the date you mailed the payment.” Much to my surprise, I found that I could take the payment to the Metro Credit Union and Revenue Canada considers this to be “delivery” (they say “date stamped by your financial institution”).

So I made it under the wire.

Curiously, the Toronto Dominion Bank wouldn’t accept the payment, even though Revenue Canada clearly states “make your payment free of charge at your Canadian Financial Institution, in Canada, by presenting this form to the teller.” I don’t have a business account at the TD, and they wouldn’t accept my Credit Union check.


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Julie Hartwick on September 21, 2007 - 13:39 Permalink

What are the current regulations regarding acceptance of payment at a financial institution? Is the financial institution obligated to forward the submitted form for the payroll remittance to Revenue Canada immediately ~ who’s fault {with fines} is it when the payment was submitted before the due date, but the supporting paperwork doesn’t reach Revenue Canada ‘in time’?