Report from the field: eatons

On the road in Ontario this week. We stopped in at the new eatons store at Yorkdale in Toronto this afternoon. Generally impressive: more staff; much better design (delightful shelving for suitcases, with cast aluminium airplanes atop was a highlight); more interesting product mix, free Lindor chocolates. The most interesting section was linens, which must cover 10,000 square feet of the 3rd floor: beautifully laid out, beds made up so you can touch the sheets, excellent selection, friendly staff. Downsides: there are more staff, but they vary widely in maturity and experience; Guest Services (where you get information, check your coat, etc.) is located in an obscure spot on the 2nd floor; had to wait 15 minutes to pay for a coat; staff seem more attentive to well dress yuppies than to dump-looking Islanders bearing sleepy infants. When all was said and done, though, I signed up for an eatons card (they gave me 10% off my purchased today if I signed up), bought some nice Nautica sheets and a wool coat, and was happy to see a trusted, spruced up friend back on the scene. Too bad I have to fly to Toronto to shop, though!