It’s Sunday, and I bought new socks yesterday, so it must be “renovate my own website day.”

I’ve fixed the RSS feed for the site: it has been broken since the beginning of time, with the date stamp for each item being set to the current date and time, not the actual date and time of the item. This probably didn’t break much, but it did make it look like I was writing everything all the time. Which would be exhausting. So I fixed it.

I modified search tool (in the sidebar on the right of the site) to use Google for searching; I’ve experimented with various mechanisms for self-hosting this, but in the end all were inferior to Google. Upside is that all of the Googleisms that you’re used to will work; downside (for users, not me) is that Google text ads will appear with the search results. I think it’s a reasonable compromise, but I’ll see what happens. Here’s a sample search, which will show you everything I’ve ever written about Aliant or Island Tel.

Other smaller things “under the hood” too, some of which might make things a little better, faster, stronger, others of which may or may not cause your computer to light on fire.