Remington Microflex 3x

Mom, Dad, Oliver and I visited a stored called XS Cargo this afternoon. It’s in the style of Winners, in that it sells the merchandise that other stores couldn’t sell, and so it has a constantly changing collection of products. Unlike Winners, however, they sell TVs, DVD players, hardware, tools, telephones. And electric shavers.

At detailed here earlier, I’ve decided to launch an experimental switch to a “rotary” shaver after using the Braun “bar” style shavers for many years. To this end I purchased a three-head Remington Microflex 3x for $29.99 at XS Cargo. It’s plugged in to charge now, and I’ll use it for the first time tomorrow morning.

The manual warns that I need to “allow three weeks to develop and effective shaving style” and for my “beard to adjust to the new shaver.” They also caution:

Wait at least 15 minutes after getting up before shaving to ensure the face is free of puffiness that may be present from sleeping.

Who knew? Perhaps I’ve been puffy for all these years and Catherine simply hasn’t said anything. As the 15 minute period after waking is about the only period during the day that I’m in front of a mirror, maybe I’ve got a distortedly puffy self-image.

Obviously this new shaver is going to change my life completely. Stay tuned.