Apparently I have succeeded in registering the domain name here’s my WHOIS record. For now, this will redirect to a list of the travel-related posts here on the weblog.

For more on the “dot travel” domain, see these earlier posts:

And, of course, Edward Hasbrouck’s Internet domain names for travel, which is the definitive resource on this new domain.

For the record, I established Reinvented’s eligibility as a member of the “global travel and tourism community” (see here) by pointing to (a) our eligibility under “Travel Media” for the travel writing here on (see here) and (b) our eligibility under “Computer Reservation/Travel Technology Provider” for Reinvented’s work with travel clients like

Also for the record, I continue to agree with Edward’s take on .travel, and proceeded with the registration as much as an experiment in going through the process as for use as a practical business resource (although I’ll likely find a practical use too — I did invest $100!). I do realize, however, that my registration — and thus my investment in the enterprise — do give a tacit endorsement to the project.