Reinvented: English to Spanish and Back

Here’s how the Reinvented website appears, in part, when translated into Spanish and then back to English:

Reinventan to a very small company of the technology. We have taste of her that way. We worked very hardly to construct strong relations with our clients: we are not salesman, we are an additional system of the fellow workers technology-that know to read and to write that they have the advantage of being able to take the opinion from the eye of a bird of which our clients are doing. So that to be able to help them to use technology to do it better. We are friends with our clients: we above invited them for the supper, we watched the series of the world with her, entered the ceremonies of graduation of its cabritos, topetón she in the street and end for above that leaves for the coffee. This is not a technique of the sales: it is how we have taste to live. We have taste to have diversion, to create the matter cleaned up, and to work with elegant people.


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Nils on January 2, 2005 - 21:18 Permalink

I guess those “elegant people” are upstairs at Silver/Orange …?