Regoczei on Tapscott

Here’s my friend Stephen Regoczei quoted in a 1997 issue of Arthur (from the Internet Archive; original no longer online), the Trent University student newspaper, on New Technology Guru (and Trent alumnus) Don Tapscott:

Prof. Stephen Regoczei of Trent’s computer studies department has studied Tapscott’s work for 18 years. Regoczei says, “Tapscott specializes in technology boosterism. What he predicts is radical change. His predictions have been 100% wrong. While he’s predicting, he’s selling a lot of computer technology… He works for the vendors [such as Digital, IBM, SUN and Microsoft.]”
Tapscott consults for some of the largest information technology corporations in the world. Says Prof. Regoczei, “Its the same old story. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. He’s an advertiser more than a credible futurist.”


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Ann on July 7, 2006 - 14:09 Permalink

My one claim to fame is that I spent a whole day mimeographing, collating and stapling Don Tapscott’s 4th year thesis.

He bought me a sundae from the dairy Queen.
There’s gotta be a lesson in there somewhere.