Reflections on a Day with Island Tel

Reading below you’ll find a close chronicle of my back and forth with Island Tel today about a networking problem. It takes a lot out of me to deal with this sort of thing — when you depend on the Internet to earn your living, having it not work is sort of like have only occasional access to oxygen.
Midway through the day I went out and had lunch at the Noodle House, which is a weird little restaurant located in amidst the fast flood clutter of University Ave. in Charlottetown.
The funny thing about the Noodle House is that it has what I think is the most attentive and expert customer service I’ve ever seen. I eat there perhaps once every second month on average, and yet I am greeted as a welcome patron whenever I walk in the door. The owner knows that I like to read the paper if I’m eating along, and so The Guardian is always offered to me. She also has my favourites pretty well memorized, and also remembers that I don’t use chop sticks. She also remembers that Catherine likes a particular sort of hot sauce, and does like chop sticks (but not cucumbers).
The table service is friendly but never overbearing, the food is excellent and varied, the prices reasonable. The decor is sort of 1970s Country Style Donuts, but you learn to overlook that with time.
I think the friendly folks at Island Tel should go and eat at the Noodle House. Several times a week. They would learn many good and useful lessons about how to run a business that makes customers feel important and valued.
P.S. Isn’t outsourcing your first tier technical support like outsourcing your restaurant wait staff?