Last year after reboot I had coffee with Thomas and one of the ideas I floated was a parallel conference for kids that could be called rebootkins. I think the idea of “conferencing with your kids” has a lot of appeal, at least for we in the “I’d rather travel with my kids” set.

Well, there’s no rebootkins yet, but in today’s reboot email from Thomas comes the note, under “a couple of the changes you can expect…”:

kids friendly with hilmar, the icelandic babysitter, that can watch your sleeping baby or play with your kids if you bring them along

Sadly, wee O (who’s not so wee anymore) is staying at home this year, so they’ll be no hilmar for him. But with reboot’s new DIY spirit, I’m up for a full-on rebootkins for reboot 10.0 next year.

Another cause for excitement in Thomas’ email: it looks like the DIY T-Shirts idea I floated took off and is going to happen. This is very cool.